Conference Information

The China Visualization and Visual Analytics Conference (ChinaVis) is co-launched by scholars and researchers in the visualization field in China. ChinaVis aims to improve the communication of the Visualization and Visual Analytics communities in China and surrounding regions, discuss the direction and opportunity of Visualization and Visual Analytics in the era of big data, promote the development and progress of related research and applications, facilitate the talents training and communication, promote the development of disciplines, and deepen the integration of art and technology. ChinaVis builds a communication platform for famous experts, entrepreneurs, and application departments at home and abroad to satisfy the need of face to face and further discuss frontier technologies and applications of visualization, so that a new ecosystem including producing, learning, researching, and applying can be formed. ChinaVis has been held successfully in Beijing (2014), Tianjin (2015), Changsha (2016), Qingdao (2017), Shanghai (2018), Chengdu (2019), Xi'an (2020), and Wuhan (2021), with the presence of domestic and overseas researchers and experts.

The 9th China Visualization and Visual Analytics Conference (ChinaVis 2022) will be held in Xining, China, 22 to 25 July 2022, hosted by China Society of Image and Graphics, Technical Committee on Visualization and Visual Analysis, Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai University, Qinghai Nationalities University with multiple sponsorships. ChinaVis 2022 will consist of invited lectures, thesis reports, posters, exhibitions, symposiums, and art projects. Renowned experts will deliver reports about the latest progress of related research and applications and introduce the development trend to expand research ideas. Welcome all the research personnel in the relevant areas and industrial community to write articles and attend the conference.

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