ChinaVis Data Challenge – Brief Introduction

Data Challenge is one of the most important parts of ChinaVis. It provides a set of scenarios, fruitful data and concrete challenging problems to researchers, developers and amateurs who use their most effective visual analytics techniques and tools to complete visual analytics tasks. Data Challenge is designed to help participants better evaluate the effectiveness of their techniques and tools in solving complex problems. In the same time, we would like to advance the development of the field of visualization and visual analytics in China.

Challenge Content

The theme for this year’s challenge is “Spatial-temporal trajectory visual analytics”. The detailed content is to be announced. Please check our official website for the update.

Important Information about ChinaVis Data Challenge

  • Students and teachers from universities (including higher vocational schools), researchers in the research institutes, developers and designers of enterprises, and amateurs are all welcome to participate in the challenge. Participants are required to take part in Data Challenge in the form of team which consists of no more than 5 participants. Student teams may have 1 or 2 extra advisers.
  • ChinaVis Data Challenge 2019 includes Challenge 1 and Challenge 2. Participants are welcome to enter any of the two challenges or both.
  • The participant whose name ranking the 1st in the team is designated as the leader who is responsible for the communications. The rule for the team name is as follow: “leader’s affiliation (or Amateur if participants are all amateurs)-leader’s name”, for instance, “TianJin University-Zhang San” (or “Amateur-Li Si”).
  • Participants should sign up for challenge one of Data Challenge via downloading the entry form, filling out the form, and sending it to the following e-mail address: .
  • Participants should sign up for challenge one Data Challenge via online registration:
Requirements for the Submissions
  • Participants are required to submit the following items: (1) Answer sheet (2) Video (3) Paper.
  • Submission e-mail address:
  • Submission Requirements:
  • (1) Answer sheet: participants are required to answer the questions with appropriate images and descriptions using visual analytics, and the answer sheet should be in Word or PDF format.
  • (2) Video: participants are required to ensure that there is a video available to explain the whole process of visual analytics. The duration of the video is expected to be within 5 minutes and in WMV format.
  • (3) Paper: participants are required to summarize the characteristics of the visual analytics solution into a paper with no more than 2 pages. The paper should be in Word or PDF format and be consistent with the content arrangement required by ChinaVis.
  • (4) Naming rule and size limit: all files are required to follow the naming rules: “team name(with leader’s name)-challenge code-type”,for example: ”TianJin University-Zhang San-Challenge 1-Answer sheet.pdf”, ”TianJin University-Zhang San-Challenge 1-Video.wmv”, ”TianJin University-Zhang San-Challenge 1-Paper.pdf”.All files required should be included in a folder and be zipped into a single compressed file in the standard RAR or ZIP format, and the size of the compressed file cannot exceed 50 Metabytes. The naming rule for both the folder and the zip file is as follow: ”team name(with leader’s name)-challenge code”, for example: “TianJin University-Zhang San-Challenge 1”.
  • (5) Participants are recommended to visit “overview of previous years’ ChinaVis Data Challenges” for more instructions. Award-winning entries of VAST Challenge organized by IEEE VIS Conference can be found in this repository:, which would also provide some hints and guidance.
Judging Criteria
  • All entries submitted will be evaluated by visual analytics experts and domain experts for the comprehensive judgment. It mainly focuses on the accuracy according to the ground truth, effectiveness, novelty and scalability with respect to visual analytics.
Award Setting
  • The following prizes will be proportionally awarded by Data Challenge Committee according to the judgment results: 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize, honorable mention Award and single subject award. The winning teams will be awarded with certificates and prizes at the ChinaVis conference. Some of the winning teams will be invited to give a presentation of their entries at the conference.
  • Online registration deadline: May 20, 2019.
  • Submission deadline: June 12, 2019 Beijing time 12:00 for the challenge one, and June 17, 2019 Beijing time 12:00 for the challenge Two.
  • Publication of evaluation result: July 1, 2019 for challenge one, and July 7, 2019 for challenge two.
Entry Form, Detailed Problems, Answer Sheet and Data
Additional Information
  • The entries submitted must not violate relevant laws and regulations and shall not infringe copyrights of others. Participants are responsible for all caused by intellectual property disputes.
  • Participants can use open-source or commercial data analytics and visualization software. However, participants are encouraged to use software development tools to design and implement their own visual analytics solutions. Note that participants should specify on the answer sheet what kind of development tools, open-source or commercial software they have used.
  • Award-winning teams are required to have at least one person registration for ChinaVis 2019.
  • Award-winning teams are required to make a poster of their entries and attend the poster session of ChinaVis 2019.

Challenge Organizing Committee

  • Ying Zhao        Central South University
  • Zhuo Zhang      Qi An Xin Technology Group
  • Siming Chen     University of Bonn
  • Guobin Wu       DiDi Chuxing